Look Fantastic February 2018 Beauty Box review….

Hi everybody,



My box arrived pretty early this month which is great, so I can share it with you earlier rather than on the last day of the month!




This month’s theme is: The Beauty Rendezvous




A new thing Look Fantastic seems to be doing this year  is putting the definition of a word in each lid of the boxes. Last year it was all quotes, so I love this subtle, but powerful, change.


The colours of the box this month are beautiful, and perfect for Valentines. So, let’s see what was in the box…




1. Trifle Cosmetics; Sugar Pear lip scrub (10ml, full size)- It was nice getting a lip scrub in the box, and a new brand I haven’t seen before. The lip scrub is vegan, which I love, and Trifle Cosmetics as a whole is a cruelty free brand. I personally use the Lush lip scrubs, so it will be interesting to try a new one and compare the two.

2. Filorga; Meso Mask (15ml, travel size)- I love trying out new face masks, so I was excited to see this in the box this month. Filorga is a French skincare brand, and is especially known for anti-acing products, and is definitely more on the pricey side. This mask is said to “brighten the skin for a luminous and radiant complexion, while treating wrinkles and erasing all signs of tiredness”. Can’t wait to try this.

3. Caudalie; Vinosource S.O.S thirst quenching serum (10ml, travel size)- I have been a fan of Caudalie for a while now, so I was excited to see the brand in the box this month. Caudalie is also a French skincare brand, from Bordeaux, and specialises in the use of grapes for their products. The serum claims to “provide intense, long-lasting hydration to skin that needs it most”. As someone with dry skin, i’m looking forward to this.

4. Dr. Paw Paw; original balm (10ml, travel size)- Dr Paw Paw is a cruelty free brand, that is known for it’s original balm. The balm can be used for dry lips, cuticles, and many more things. I’ve used a balm from them before which is great for things from dried lips to burns, and should actually be kept in a first aid box it’s so useful.

5. Bellapiere Cosmetics; Shimmer roll (2g, travel size)- We had some Bellapiere products last year in a couple of boxes, so was nice to see the brand again. It is also a cruelty free brand (it’s great there are so many in the box this month), and is also natural and organic. The shimmer roll for me is something i’m a bit wary of. It’s quite big so i don’t know if I would be able to get the precision out of it that I would want. I’ll definitely try it out at some point though.

6. Elemis; Pro-Collagen Marine Cream (15ml, travel size)- Seeing this in the box was a shock, but a great one. Elemis is a British skincare brand, that prides itself in having the power of nature, and science, in it’s products. Elemis is not cheap, it’s highly expensive, especially this cream. So seeing it in the box this month made it all worth it. Can’t wait to try this out!

7. Elle; February edition. Always a plus!


What did I think of the box this month?

Elemis, Filorga, and Caudalie were the winners for me this month. It was very heavy on the skincare, which I personally love, but it would be nice to have some other beauty products in the box. Elemis made this box a winner for me with the marine cream, otherwise it was slightly disappointing. I feel like LookFantastic haven’t been as great these last couple of months, but hopefully they can pull it back from now on.

Did you receive the box this month?

Have you tried any of these products before?


Love always, B x


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