Sephora Charcoal nose strip review…

Hello everybody,


We’ve all seen the viral videos of nose strips right? When the persons face looks perfect, and incredibly smooth after they’ve ripped one of these of their face, and a tonne of gunk has come out of their nose.

I’ve never tried a nose strip before. So, when my Sephora order was $3 away from free delivery, I decided to throw one of these in my basket and give it a go. What could go wrong, right?

I was so excited to pull back the nose strip after 10-15 minutes, and see all the congested skin on and around my nose look incredibly clear like whats shown in the adverts. I was wrong.

The strip has somehow separated into two different parts. So, when I went to rip the strip of my face, the top layer came of, but, the second layer that was stuck to my face that would have all of the congested stuff on it, just stayed on my nose. So disappointing. I could pull some of it of, but the rest I had to take of with some warm water.¬†Honestly, this didn’t exactly work for me.

As they are so cheap, I would try it again, but it was a let down to just have half of it stuck on your face.

Have you ever tried a pore strip?

Did it work for you?

Love always, B x



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