The Body Shop Advent Calendar, Days 18-24 and full review…

Hello everybody,


I am so sorry this is so extremely late, but I wanted to finish of this series and let you know what I thought of the calendar as a whole.

I’ll tell you my thoughts, and review at the end of the post.

Day Eighteen 


Hand and Nail Manicure Cream (30ml)


Day Nineteen


Bath Gloves (1 Pair, red)


Day Twenty


British Rose instant glow Body Butter (50ml)


Day Twenty One


Brow Brush (Full size)


Day Twenty Two


Born Lippy Lip Balm  (Strawberry, 10ml)

Sorry there isn’t a picture, it was really bad quality so didn’t want to upload!


Day Twenty Three


White Musk Body Lotion (60ml, travel size)

I’m personally not a big fan of White Musk, so this was a disappointing one for me.


Day Twenty Four


Glitter Dust (1.5g)

To be honest, I was kind of disappointed with this for day 24. I think it’s  beautiful product, but, it does feel quite cheap- the plastic isn’t great quality. I had hoped for something bigger in this door, like a body butter. I will definitely get good use out of this though!


I am so ridiculously late putting this up, but I wanted to finish the series and tell you all what I thought about The Body Shop Advent Calendar 2017.





Overall, I absolutely loved this calendar.

It was an amazing present to receive as a whole, let alone getting a new present each day. Of course there were a couple of things I would rather of not got in this calendar but, you take a risk buying one. Very impressed with the products in here. I wish there were another body butter or two, but overall- brilliant.

I will definitely try and get my hands on one for Christmas 2018, as I think the value and products inside were amazing!

So, I am very sorry this was so late going up, but I hope you enjoyed it none the less!

Love always, B x


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