Freeman Cucumber Peel-off Face Mask review…

Hello everybody,

I’ve taken some time of around Christmas and new year, but from now i’ll be posting regularly again. Sorry it’s been so long x

Today I thought I would tell you about my experience with the Freeman face masks. I’ve tried these masks quite a few times, in all different types. Ones for dry skin, renewing the skin, tightening pores, clearing breakouts, peel off masks…you name it, i’ve tried it with this brand.

Even though I always try different kinds of masks within this brand, I always come to the same conclusion, what did that actually do to my skin?

The one mask we will talk about more in depth today is:

The Cucumber Peel-off Mask




Cucumber is really good for sensitive skin, so I thought I would give this one a go, seeing as I had never tried it under the Freeman’s brand before.

It is a clear coloured mask, and has quite a strong scent when you first open the packet- to the point where my eyes did sting a bit. But honestly, after about 20 seconds, I didn’t notice it anymore. It felt very cooling on the skin, and applied easily on the skin.

After about twenty minutes it was time to peel it off. It does actually peel off in one go, which is nice, but, did I notice a difference in my skin?

Honestly, no, I didn’t. Even though these masks do feel nice, and relaxing when you have them on, I never notice a difference to my skin after using them. It literally feels no different, which is super disappointing.

These only cost a couple of dollars per pack, and each pack will probably be enough for 3-4 masks, so they are good value. But, for me, they just don’t do anything at all to my skin.

Have you tried the Freeman face masks before?

What did you think of them?

Thank you for reading!

Love always, B x


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