Let’s talk body butter’s….

Hello everybody,

I’ve long been a customer of The Body Shop. My first ever make-up product was from The Body Shop, and i’ve since loved their shower gels, but, more importantly, their body butter’s.

I was luck enough to receive a gift set of body butters from some family and instantly new I was going to love them. Until I received this gift I had never tried one- I know, not good enough right?



Everyone has constantly raved about The Body Shop’s body butters and how amazing it is that they have such an incredible collection of different scents. But I wasn’t persuaded, I have no idea why, because these are brilliant!

The Body Butter’s I received;

BeFunky Collage

– Moringa                                      – Argan Oil                                         – Shea Butter


To start with, I love all three scents. Moringa is a beautiful light floral scent- perfect for spring. Shea butter is an all around favourite and I think is good for anytime. Argan oil would be gorgeous before a night out, or on a summer’s day.



What was the best?

Shea. Without a doubt the shea butter was the stand out for me. I love the others, don’t get me wrong, but the Shea really soaked into the skin straight away and didn’t leave that residue which takes ages to dry, if you know what I mean.

Shea is the cult classic of The Body Shop body butter’s and now I see why.



Hope you liked this!

Have you tried any of these?

Do you like The Body Shop?

Love B x


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