My Pinterest obsession boards!

Hello everybody,

I’ve seen a few people over the last 6 months post about Pinterest, and what would be their dream bedroom, kitchen, or garden, so I thought I would share with you what my dream house would look like. I love pinning images of what my dream home would look like, as well as amazing recipes, or workout routines; theirs always something new to look at.

I would love to post about Pinterest more and maybe share my favourite workouts I found on their, or some recipes i’ve tried and loved! Let me know if that’s something you’d be interested in 🙂 Let’s jump into it! (All of these images are from Pinterest!)


I’m going to start with my favourite room in any house;

The Kitchen


When it comes to a kitchen, for me, the lighter the better for the cabinets, and the darker the better for the flooring. The contrast of that is beautiful to me. I love big open plan Kitchens; I feel like the kitchen is the heart the home, and it’s great when everyone sort of congregates in the kitchen- so much easier if your kitchen is big and open plan. It would be my dream to have a kitchen like that, with a lot of places to sit, and with big windows to let all that light in.



As you can see from the pictures i’ve chosen (especially the bottom left), I love cosy living room’s. Nothing is better to me than having a book case, some candles, a fire, and a big blanket while watching your favourite film in a living room. It’s the place in the house where I think everyone relax’s the most, and has some downtime. I like light colours for a living room at the moment; some grey’s and light blues and cream’s would be perfect!




Much like the living room above, I like my bedroom to be comfy and cosy. Fairy lights I think just make any room just that little bit cosier, and having photos all over the wall are my favourite. I like having cream, or beige coloured walls, and then decorating with accessories!




I love bright colours in bathrooms like turquoise (bottom left), and white with some grey and colour (top two). Bathrooms always feel really light, and spa like to me. I love storage in them (especially for guests), and I love big windows (as long as their opaque) to let all the light in during the day, but to hide you too.



Pinterest- House

I love a house that has a lined path or driveway, with beautiful flowers growing either side; i think it looks so beautiful and put together; very inviting!

The seat on the stairs is actually a favourite added extra of mine. I think it would be so perfect to read a book on, or just relax for a bit while looking out your window. The light grey colour of it is also a favourite of mine!


Would you have picked anything that I did for your dream home?

What would your dream home be like?

Love always, B x


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