My top 3 Concealer Brushes…

Hello everybody,


Today I thought I would talk about my favourite concealer brushes. I’m no beauty expert- not in the slightest- but I thought it would be nice just to share my experience with three different brands, three completely different brushes, but all with the same purpose; conceal.



The brands and the brushes;

  • bhcosmetics– V7 Vegan Concealer Brush (Currently on sale for $2.63! on their site)
  • Ecotools– Correcting Concealer Brush (Available at Boots)
  • Real Techniques by Sam and Nic Chapman- Concealer Brush (Available at Superdrug/Boots)


So, bhcosmetics


Bhcomsetics is an American Make-up company that sells everything from brushes, to eyeshadow, to make-up organisers. As far as I know, you can only buy their products direct form their site (they do ship worldwide for a very reasonable price).

I found out about Bhcosmetics through Youtube and thought the prices of their brushes looked incredible, so decided to buy their Vegan brush range and give it a go; the full review for that is here if you want to hear about them as a whole. First of, this concealer brush is usually $3.50, which is an amazing price for a vegan make-up brush. The price is amazing, and it looks really nice with the purple mirrored edge.

This is honestly my favourite brush out of all of these three concealer brushes. It feels very soft on the skin, and is a dream for applying under-eye concealer. It’s a very good size brush as well, so you don’t feel like your going over the same bit over and over again trying to blend everything out. With spot concealing, it works pretty well too, but, I personally prefer it for under the eyes, or big sections that i’m concealing.




I first wanted to try out an Ecotools product because they were eco-friendly and thought it was a great idea to make brushes that were also good for the environment. I saw that they are cruelty free, made from recycled bamboo and other materials, as well as being a good price, and good for your skin.

This is a bit different to the other two brushes as it’s a spot concealer brush. As you can see from the picture above the brush is in a circle/curved shape, not flat like the other two. So, if you have a spot that really needs some more concealer, or a blemish that could do with a bit of help, this would be perfect for you. It’s very soft at the tip of the brush, and then get’s quite sturdy from the middle to the bottom. The soft bristles make it really easy to pick up product, and blend it into a little area on the skin. (Mine’s unfortunately stained from some face paint I used, so the normal colour of the brush is the yellow you can see further down the brush!)


Real Techniques…


Real techniques was one of the first brands I bought from when I got into make-up. Their foundation brush, powder brush, and miracle complexion sponge are among my favourites of all time! I had never tried a concealer brush, so, as I loved the rest of their products so much, I thought I would give it a go.

Real Technique brushes were made with the You-tubers Sam and Nic Chapman; they are both make-up artists, and wanted to create a set of brushes that were good and affordable. This concealer brush has longer bristles than the others, and is a bit thicker (as you might be able to see from the photos). I really fell in love with it when I used it for big areas of colour correcting as a base, before applying my foundation. When working on bigger areas I think this is a great brush; i’ve never personally used it for spot concealing, I feel like it might be a bit too big for that, but I do think it’s a great brush for under the eyes, or concealing big areas.


Hope you liked this!

Whats your favourite brand of brushes?

Have you tried any of these brushes before?

Love always, B x



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