Travel! Where I would love to be right now…

Hello everybody,

I love to travel.

Travel, I believe, is the richest experience anyone can ever have. Yes it’s lovely to spend some hard earned cash at Spehora, or even on a really nice lunch with friends, but, spending money on a new adventure is better than all of that (in my opinion). I’m lucky that i’ve had some great opportunities to travel, but where would I love to be right now?




Japan has been a place i’ve wanted to visit for years! Here’s why…


I’ve always been absolutely in love with Cherry Blossoms; whether thats the actual tree and how beautiful they are, or the scent of them from The Body Shop- either way, I love them. When I was told that Japan was the best place to see them, I desperately wanted to go. April/may are prime times for Cherry Blossoms, so, hopefully one day i’ll be able to see them in all their glory. For now, beautiful pictures such as this keep me going.


Mount Fuji 

It is an active volcano, and is a very popular designation for hikers from all over the world. You can climb/hike up Mount Fuji, in the summer months, which I would love to be able to do. It is nearly 4000m high, so maybe just a nice photo!





The architecture in Japan is like nothing else. We’ve all seen images like the one below of the incredible temples, and beautiful buildings in Japan- but how amazing would it be to see them in real life? The architecture is different to anywhere else; its absolutely incredible.



To be honest, I would just love to go to a place i’ve never been before, that looks so beautiful to me. I would love to take the bullet train and see Cherry blossoms in bloom, and walk around Tokyo and see the massive array of  of buildings, and that amazing view of Mount Fuji from it’s centre; I can’ wait to see it.

Have you ever been to Japan?

What was your favourite place?

Love B x

*All images from Google



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