Rosacea- Skincare that seems to help?

Hello Everybody,

Today I thought I would talk about rosacea, and what i’ve found to be helpful for my skin. Rosacea is something I would love to blog about more as it effects millions of people, but their still isn’t a lot known about it.

There is no known cure for rosacea, but, some Doctors believe that their is a link with gut health, and your skin (as well as a genetic component).

Doctors believe changing to a no dairy, no gluten, and low sugar diet, can in fact help people with rosacea. Is this going to cure it? no. Their is no known cure, as of yet, but, may it help ease symptoms for people? yes. Absolutely yes. Mix your diet change with a great skincare system that works for you, and maybe it won’t make as much trouble for you in the future.

In the past week or so i’ve changed my skincare after receiving some great products I ordered from Sephora the other day. This new routine has already changed my skin entirely, and it hasn’t even been an entire week i’ve been using all of it together.


My current skincare routine

Morning routine

  • Omorovicza Cleansing foam (Once a week).


  • Caudalie Grape Water



  • The Ordinary – Natural moisturising factors + hyaluronic acid



  • SPF (whatever brand I have at the time)


Night routine

  • Caudalie Grape Water



  • Trilogy Rosehip Oil, or Trilogy Rosapene Night cream





In a few articles, like the one I talked about in my last post here, people have stated that rosehip oil can seriously help with Rosacea. When I tried it the first time, my skin really didn’t like it. But, two months later i’ve tried it again, and my skin loves it! I don’t use it in the mornings, I only use it at night, but my skin has suddenly loved it. So, I highly recommend trying it, if you have redness in your skin/rosacea.

When looking at Skincare, it’s incredibly important to find what works best for you. Their may be a thousand articles saying this product really works for rosacea prone skin, but, it might be the worst thing for you. Listen to your skin, don’t persevere with a product if it’s causing your skin to act up.


I hope this post was helpful!

Let me know what skincare products you’ve been loving.

Do you have rosacea?

Have you tried any of these products?

Love B x


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