Look Fantastic Beauty Box- May

Hello Everybody,




My box was quite late this month, so sorry this is going up so late!

This month’s theme is; “Get The Glow”.




This box is beautiful; I think it’s one of the best ones i’ve received. The colours are so pretty, and will definitely be displayed in my house somewhere! These are so useful, so i’d definitely recommend reusing them in some way if you can.




This month their are 7 items in the box. As the box is “Get The Glow”, I assumed their would be a highlighter in the box, but their is a very glowy eyeshadow, so could always use this as a highlighter!

As always, the box came with this month’s Elle magazine with Victoria Beckham on the cover. The fact you get a full size magazine with this box each month, as well as all of the goodies inside, is amazing!




  1. GlovHydro Demaquillage quick treat (1 sheet).
    What I love about this is how its reusable for up to 3 months! You only use water with it to remove your make-up, and cleanse, and is hypoallergenic for all skin types.
  2. NuFacePrep N Glow dual sided cloth (1 cloth).
    This cloth is supposed to cleanse, exfoliate, and hydrate the skin. It’s dual sided and is great for sensitive skin! Can’t wait to try this.
  3. Scrub LoveHydrating Coconut Oil Body Scrub, Coconut Cranberry (100g).
    This scrub looks amazing! On the website it says the “coconut flakes gently slough away dead skin while encouraging nutrient absorption”. It’s 100% natural, and vegan, so I can’t wait to try this out. It also smells amazing.
  4. Real ChemistryLuminous 3 minute peel (7ml).
    First of all, this peel is not a face mask. Once massaged into your skin, it helps to remove dead skin cells. It helps to resurface your skin after just one application; would be perfect for winter!
  5. MellowBaked Eyeshadow in Peach (1 Full Size).
    This eyeshadow is pretty big, and is a beautiful colour. From a few swatches, it is quite sheer, but is very reflective so I think it would be beautiful over the top of another colour to add shimmer, and some glow.
  6. James ReadGradual Tan, h20 Tan Mist (30ml).
    I was a bit shocked when I saw this in the box, but once I read up about it, I was pretty excited. This is a cooling mist, that leaves a healthy glow on your skin once you’ve used it; it also helps to rejuvenate and restore your skin. Sounds perfect for summer!
  7. System ProfessionalSolar Sun Oil (30ml, full size).
    This protects, and restores your hair from UV damage from the sun. It eliminates flyaways, and helps your hair look healthy and sleek. Can’t wait to put this to the test this summer.


Overall, this month’s box was pretty good. I love that their was so much skincare in the box; perfect set-up for the summer. Can’t wait to give them all a go!

Have you tried any of the products before?

Have you received this box?

Hope you liked this!

Love B x




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