Yankee Candle

Hello everybody,


I went into a shop yesterday and they were having a stock take sale on the Votive Yankee Candles; they were selling them for a $1 each! They had a big bucket full of them, but we managed to stop ourselves at 6 candles. Such a good price for a candle, and especially a Yankee Candle. The Burn time on these is 15 hours, so definitely worth a dollar!

What I love about Yankee Candles is that the smell from the candle actually radiates through your whole house. I’ve had a few different brands candle which smell amazing in the pot, but, when you light them, the smell doesn’t actually come through- it’s really disappointing. I also love changing candles to suit the season, and with these Yankee Candles I can do that; makes the house always feel homey if you have a nice scent that goes with the current mood/season. So, although these candles are pretty expensive normally, they are really nice, and may be worth it for a present for someone, or a special occasion for yourself!


The 6 Votive Candles we bought; 




Clean Cotton; 

  • To me, this is Fresh as you can get. It smells like fresh washing thats been out on the line; it’s a perfect scent for the whole house. This would be great for spring/summer.

Vanilla Lime;

  • Such a beautiful mixture of the richness of vanilla, with the sweet, and ever so sour smell of limes. Summer favourite!


  • This is my favourite scent from Yankee Candles. It’s a rich, almost vanilla type of scent, and would be so good for winter while trying to warm up at home!





Blue Summer Sky;

  • A really fresh, pure scent. Not sure how to describe it because it really does smell like a summer’s day/ Highly recommend for the upcoming summer!

Wedding Day;

  • I wasn’t sure if I’d like this one, but it is beautiful. As you’d expect, it’s a floral, fresh scent; the floral notes aren’t overpowering, it’s the perfect mix (would go really well with Clean Cotton!).

Berry Trifle;

  • I’ve always loved Berry scented candles so when I saw this I new i’d love it. it’s a rich berry smell, not overly sweet, which can be a problem with some berry scents; perfect for winter because of the richness!



Do you like Candles?

Have you ever tried Yankee Candles?

Whats your favourite scent?

Let me know if you liked this!

Love B x



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