Articles that help…..(rosacea)

Hello everybody,

I found this article while I was researching different technique to help combat rosacea, and thought i’d share because it was so useful to me. Rosacea is extremely difficult. There are thousands of different techniques online, whether it be about diet, skincare, or make-up that claim to reduce the effects, but this was the first article (written nearly 4 years ago now) I found which I felt was actually realistic.

The article; 

Under my skin- Vogue by Calgary Avansino

The article starts at the beginning. We go through the stages with Calgary. We hear about how she was diagnosed, how her rosacea came about, and what she has done to try and help with the effects of it. At the end, we are told about different treatments that have helped, and different make-up/skincare products that have worked.

What a lot of people don’t realise is that Rosacea isn’t just a skincare condition, it’s a psychological condition; it can be embarrassing. As someone who has rosacea, I find this article extremely helpful. It feels like your reading your own story, which is very rare with this skin condition, because no one talks about it, and the effects from it.


The top 5 things I learned from this article;

  1. Millions of people suffer from this; you are not alone in this skin condition, even if it feels like you are.
  2. Just because one antibiotic/cream doesn’t work for you, doesn’t mean you wont find one that does; everyone’s rosacea is different.
  3. Low stomach acid could be a reason for rosacea; nutritionists can help with this majorly. (low gluten/gluten free and dairy free diet is supposed to work miracles).
  4. There isn’t a quick fix to this– it takes time to work out what works for you and your skin, but, with time, something will work for you.
  5. Be kind to yourself; this is a battle no matter what anyone says. It’s hard to deal with.


“We have to eradicate pathogens, improve digestive chemistry and supply the gut with the nutrients it needs to heal”.


Have you found out what works for your rosacea?

What do you think of the article?

Love B x


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