A day in Winchester…

Hello everybody,

I thought i’d tell you all about one of my favourite city’s; Winchester. Winchester is one of the most beautiful city’s I know. It’s not far from where I grew up, so i’ve being going their for most of my life.  I love going their for a day, and just relaxing, and walking round the beautiful little streets.

There are some beautiful places to walk all around the area; whether though the city centre, or through the countryside. Thats what I love most about Winchester- its mixture of feels; your in a city, but surrounded by the country. Best of both worlds.

Winchester, to me, has an old worldy feel to it; it has the common chain stores a lot of towns have, like Cath Kidston, but it also has a few privately owned, individual shops that are always worth a look in. The architecture all around Winchester is beautiful! The cathedral is stunning, the church grounds are a great place to sit and have your lunch in, and nothing beats the views of it on a sunny, clear blue sky day. I could gladly live in Winchester; busy enough with the city centre, and the University, but still a little quiet and not as built up as other places nearby; perfection.











Have you been to Winchester?

Whats your favourite city?

Hope you liked this!

Love B x


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