Borghese Fango Brilliante Brightening Mud Mask for Face and Body Review

Hello everybody,

So, I recently received this tester in a Look Fantastic box and decided to open it up and try it out with my Mum. I was shocked at the colour to start with! It’s bright pink; a beautiful colour for a face-mask. Also, the amount of product you get in this tester is amazing.


So, what is it actually like?

The texture of this is very thick. I was surprised at how thick it was, but very impressed with how easily it blended onto the skin. When we first applied it, it felt hot and a bit sting like, but it worked wonders. You only keep it on for about 10 minutes, which I think is pretty quick for a facemask, but that’s all it takes.



Normally when I remove a facemask my face is red and a bit puffy because of my rosacea, but, after this, it was perfect. I have never had this happen to me before. It did what it said it would do. It brightened my skin, and made it smooth and soft.

The tester given out is extremely generous. After my mum, and myself used the facemask, there was more then half of the tester pot left. We both had another facemask a week later, and still had a little bit left over. Love this!

Would I repurchase?

This brand is pretty expensive; it’s about £41.00 on Look Fantastic for the 222ml Pot. That is a lot of money for a face and body mask. So, maybe if I want to treat myself around my birthday, or Christmas I’ll buy it, but, otherwise, I just don’t know if I could spend that amount of money on a facemask, even if it does really work.


Have you ever tried Borghese products?

Have you tried this mask before?

What’s your favourite facemask?


Love B x


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