IT Cosmetics Bye Bye Redness

Hello Everybody,


I thought I would tell you all about this favourite new product of mine that I love for a multitude of different reasons.

I first heard about Bye Bye Redness on Youtube when I was looking at videos for Rosacea coverage. Reading reviews about a product, and seeing it on video with someone actually  using the product are two completely different things. I like seeing how a product applies, and what the coverage is like on Youtube rather than just reading about it. So, after seeing the reviews, and watching videos of it in use, I decided to buy it.


So…..this is all about the product, and my thoughts on it…



In the jar, you get 11ml of product. This may seem like only a little bit, but, because you only need to use a tiny amount of product, I feel like this will last a very long time. The one thing i’m not a fan of with this, is that it only comes in one shade : Transforming natural beige. This means not everyone can use this, which is a shame. I hope they come out with more shades soon!

So..what are my thoughts after using this?


To put it bluntly, this product is amazing. The coverage is insane; Incredibly full coverage. A little goes a very long way. I actually only take product from the lid of the jar, because that is all that is needed. If you aren’t careful, this product can crease, and cake up, so, definitely be careful with how much you are using.

My favourite way to apply this is by taking a little bit on my finger, putting it on the area where I want it,  and then blending it out with a beauty blender. I feel like this makes me have the most coverage with it, while also looking natural (if that makes any sense!).




If you have rosacea, blemishes, or dark spots that you would like to cover, then I highly recommend trying this out!


Have you tried Bye Bye Redness?

What do you think about IT Cosmetics?

Let me know what you think!

Love B x


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