Barley Grass Powder Benefits

Hello everyone,


Today I thought I would tell you about a powder i’ve been adding to smoothies, and sometimes baking, and how good it is for you!



I started looking online, and seeing what powders/add ins I could put into my smoothies. So, I went to my local pharmacy, and saw the GO Superfood range and started to look into all of the different products they have. That is when I came across Barley Grass Powder.

Barley grass powder is described as; The Green Alkaliser.

This was perfect for me. I have rosacea, and researchers think part of rosacea is down to someones diet; an over acidic system. So, an alkaliser is the perfect treatment for that! It is a beautiful bright green powder, that adds an amazing colour to your smoothies/juices/baking! You’re supposed to put two teaspoons into smoothies but the taste is quite potent, and I can only handle 1 teaspoon at the moment- hopefully i can build up my resilience!



This is all the information about the powder and all of the pro’s of using it in your daily life!

I would love to try the coconut water powder, and the beetroot powder at some point too.

Do you use any powders in your smoothies?

Would you try Barley Grass Powder?


Love B x



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