Look Fantastic Beauty Box- April

Hello everybody,


I recently received my Look Fantastic April box and thought I would share with you all what was included in it!

The theme of this month’s box is “Natural Beauty”.


I love this theme, and the bit of advice on the lid of the box.

The box this month is the most beautiful box I have received from Look Fantastic so far.

Definitely reminds me of Spring. The colours are beautiful, and I think the theme is a really nice idea for the box this month. We also received another Elle magazine, so i’m thinking this happens with every box, so that’s amazing!


This packaging is perfect for Spring- the bright peach colours of the box, and the pale packaging are beautiful!



  1. OmoroviczaCleansing foam, (25ml).
    This cleansing foam is award wining luxurious Hungarian skincare. It is perfect for all types of skin which is great, including sensitive skin! It also has a foil seal which I love.
  2. Madara Smart Antioxidants fine line minimising day cream, for dry to very dry skin (20ml).
    This is a natural/organic brand and is a perfect tester size to be introduced to the brand. It’s great for keeping your skin looking young, by removing fine lines, and keeping moisture.
  3. AlternaCaviar CC Cream, (25ml).
    When I saw CC cream, I assumed it was for my skin, but this is actually for your hair! This has incredible ingredients in it that help to strengthen, and protect your hair against heat, and the sun’s rays. It can be used on dry or wet hair, and leaves my hair so much more manageable!
  4. This WorksPerfect Skin Legs Miracle, (10ml).
    I didn’t know what to think about this, as I had never seen anything like it before. From reading reviews, it’s just a subtle shimmer/colour that helps to cover up some imperfections. Looking forward to trying this out!
  5. Laura GellerBalance and Brightening Powder in Fair, (1.8g).
    Seeing this in the box was great this month! I was fairly surprised as it is only in the shade Fair, and that will not suit every skin tone, which is disappointing, but it blended nicely when I tried it out.
  6. Merci HandyHand cleansing gel, (black vanilla scent).
    I was a little bit shocked to see hand sanitiser in a “natural beauty” beauty box, but it’s something that’s always handy to keep in your purse. I think it was kind of a “filler” product, but I’ll still use it!
  7. VitamasquesPomegranate Sheet Mask, (1 mask).
    This is a moisturising and lift mask, and I was really happy to see this in the box this month. The smell is amazing!

Overall i’m pretty happy with this month’s box. I don’t think it’s as great as last month’s, but it is still a great range of products to try out!

Have you received this box?

What do you think of the products?

Love B x


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