My favourite ways to relax

Hello everybody,

Over the years, i’ve learnt what helps me to relax properly.

Relaxing is something that is different for everyone. Some people like to have a bath, while others like to go for a long run. Nothing is wrong, it’s just what helps you in the best way.

So, these are my favourite ways to relax….

Number one, read a good book.
Nothing makes me feel more relaxed than getting into bed and reading a book I’ve wanted to for a while, with a drink and a few snacks at my side.


Number two
, bake/cook something.
For me, cooking or baking is the ultimate relaxing stress relief. I only find it relaxing if I’m doing it myself though, Having the kitchen all to myself, and jus taking is slow, not being on any time restrictions is perfect for me. It also makes me feel so much happier too. This is also great because you get some nice food at the end (hopefully!).


Number three
, Bubble baths.
I’m an everyday shower person but, occasionally, a bath is the only thing that will do. If i’ve had a particularly stressful week, or an emotional one, there is nothing I love more than getting into a nice warm bath, with some nice Lush products, and chilling out for an hour. Sometimes having a tv show on in the background is great, but other times its nice to sit in the quiet and chill for a bit.


Number four
, Putting on your all time favourite film.
Watching a film you already know of by heart, while also being on your laptop, or just drifting in and out of focus, is the perfect solution for me, a lot of the time, to relax. Theres something comforting knowing what is going to happen, and knowing that you are in control of wanting to watch it or not.


What are some of your favourite ways to relax?

Do you do any of these things to relax?

Hope your having a great day,

Love B x


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