BHCosmetics Vegan Brush Review!

Hello Everybody,


I recently purchased some of the BHCosmetics Vegan Brushes, and thought I would share with you what I thought about them; their application, price etc.

BHCosmetics is an extremely affordable make-up brand based in America. I found out about their company through Youtube, and was very quickly impressed by the price of their products. Since then, they have expanded to celebrity collaborations, multiple different brush sets (and singles), lip products, and even concealer and foundation!

I had tried the Shaaanxo palette from BHCosmetics before (I did a post about it a couple of months ago), but I had never tried any of their brushes. So, I thought now was the time.


V1 Large Powder Brush
V2 Pointed Blending Brush
V3 Contour Brush
V5 Blending Brush
V6 Large Eyeshadow Brush
V7 Concealer Brush
V8 Lip Brush
V10 Brow Duo Brush

Prices range from $3.50- $6.00 per brush (USD)

I saw these brushes on the website and thought they looked beautiful, and they were vegan, so decided to pick these up. The prices are incredible (even better when having a sale), and because they are sold as individual brushes, it gives you the option to only buy the brushes you know you will use, instead of a set with a couple you won’t ever touch.

I was incredibly impressed with the packaging for these brushes. Each brush came in an individual box, which kept them all in perfect condition.
The look of the brushes is beautiful. The purple chrome colour around the top makes the brushes look very luxurious against the dark grey handles.



I personally think the prices of the BHCosmetics brushes are unbeatable. A lip brush for $3.50 (USD) is incredible value. I like that it gives everyone an option to buy a set of good brushes, for a great price. Brilliant!



Now, I haven’t had the opportunity to use all these brushes, so I’ll just talk about the ones I have used.

  • V5 Blending brush is brilliant. I used this with the Shaaanxo palette, and colour pop eyeshadows and was very impressed with the blending ability. It has a very long handle, which can sometimes make it difficult to use if your holding it at the end though, so I would recommend holding it closer to the top when blending. Highly recommend!
  • V6 Large eyeshadow brush was brilliant at picking up the pigment from the eyeshadows. I like that it is a bit fluffy on the end- it definitely helped to blend everything, as well as pack on the pigment.
  • V7 Concealer brush. As soon as I took this out of the box I new I was going to love it. For me, this is better than my Ecotools and Real Techniques concealer brushes. It’s great for putting concealer on under the eyes, as well as on the face in general, and doesn’t leave it streaky which  few other brands do.
  • V8 Lip brush- This was the first brush I tried from this collection, and I loved it instantly. I used it to put on a couple of Colourpop Lippie Stix I have and it applied incredibly. It wasn’t streaky at all, and the brush size is perfect. Highly recommend!!
  • V10– Brow duo brush- this was brilliant from the get go. Double ended brow brushes are my favourite; I love that it has a spooly on one end, and the brush on the other. Very handy for travelling (only needing one brush), and the application is brilliant too.


I was also given a free gift from BHCosmetics, and thought I would talk about that too. I was given this Modern Mattes To Go eye shadow palette. I don’t believe this is available on their website to buy- I think it was a palette they made especially for giveaways!


The colours in this are a bit more pink/purple than I would personally normally buy, but I thought it was a great free gift! It’s a perfect travel size- and easily fits in a handbag for on the go make-up touch ups.


The colours are a bit chalky and have some fall out, but, for a free palette it’s definitely good. I’ve used it a few times, and the colours aren’t incredibly long lasting, but their are still some beautiful colours that I will continue to use!

Have you tried BHCosmetics?

Hope you liked this!

Love B x


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