My Favourite Youtubers.

Hello everybody,

Today I thought I would talk about my favourite youtubers!

I only started watching youtube about 3 years ago, and since then i’ve found so many different creators that I love and think are so talented, so I thought I would share that with you!

Youtube, I feel like, is having its moment. Youtubers now have agents. Youtubers are now Celebrities, and have their own fan bases. It is a phenomenon.

Let’s go…


Daily Vloggers

Casey Neistat

Current # of subscribers= 6,604,903


2016 was the year of Casey Neistat. He suddenly shot to Youtube fame, and gained millions of subscribes within a few months. Casey started daily vlogging, and with his use of incredible drone footage, and meetings with celebrity friends, he quickly made a name for himself. He has since sold a company he made to CNN, and has stopped vlogging. He makes the occasional vlog style video, but he’s more focused on making films/short films for his career now. Definitely check out his old blogs if you haven’t heard of him before!


Alfie Deyes (PointlessBlogVlogs)

Current # of subscribers= 3,846,013


Alfie Deyes, AKA PointlessBlog, is part of the British Youtube elite. He daily vlogs on his vlogging channel, and has started adding in a bit of drone footage in recent months. Alfie Deyes is all about having fun and having an upbeat, healthy lifestyle. Alfie has also released three books. Worth a look if you haven’t seen his videos before!


Ebony Day (EbonyDayVlogs)

Current # of subscribers= 44,334


Ebony Day is a British Vlogger, and a main channel Youtuber. I actually heard about Ebony through Alfie Deyes- he did a shout out on his channel of his three favourite Youtubers and helped them all gain thousands of followers within a few hours! Ebony usually daily blogs, and if not, uploads at least 4 videos a week. She’s a quiet, sweet, Youtuber, and is an incredible recording artist too. A few of her main channel videos, as well as her blogs, feature her singing covers of songs, as well as writing her own. Ebony is very open about struggles she may have, as well as open about her relationship with her fiancé. I definitely recommend checking Ebony out!


Main Channel

Zoella (AKA Zoe Sugg)

Current # of subscribers= 11,641,620


Zoella was the first Youtube channel I ever watched. Zoella has over 11 million subscribers, and is the first British Youtuber to reach over the 10 million mark to get her diamond play button (awards form Youtube for amount of subscribers). Zoella is a lifestyle channel; she has beauty reviews, make-up looks, po box openings, q and a videos, cooking/baking ideas, and many more. Zoe is also an author; she has three books out in her range “Girl Online”. She lives with Alfie Deyes, and their pug Nala. Definitely check her out if you haven’t already, and also check out her vlogging channel “MoreZoella”!


Sprinkle of Glitter (AKA Louise Pentland)

Current # of Subscribers= 2,583,325


Louise is a British Youtuber with her main channel (listed above), and her vlogging channel; sprinkle of chatter. This year, or the end of last year (sorry can’t remember) Louise made a video on her main channel saying that she was going to be more authentic to herself on her channel; she was going to swear, and not edit out all of the real moments like she has done in the past. This takes a lot of courage when you have literally millions of people watching your channel; taking a risk like that can literally lose you thousands of subscribers so I love that Louise stood up for herself, and did that. Louise is a lifestyle youtube; posts about home decor (for adults and children), Lush hauls, and shopping hauls. Louise is currently writing a novel, and is a single mother to Darcy, and doesn’t shy away of telling her subscribers how difficult life can be. Extremely authentic. Highly recommend checking out both of her channels!


Kathleen Lights (AKA Kathleen Fuentes)

Current # of Subscribers= 3,067,286


Io only started watching Kathleen Lights last year, and absolutely love her sense of humour. Kathleen lives in America with her husband, and is a beauty youtuber. Kathleen has Cuban ancestry, and has often featured her best friend in her videos (her husbands sister)! Kathleen occasionally uploads blogs to her main channel. Kathleen has released her own Nail polish line, and has collaborated with a few different companies such as Colourpop, and Morphe. Kathleen is very real in her Q and A’s, but is very private too. I highly recommend checking out her channel!


Shaaanxo (AKA Shannon Harris) 

Current # of Subscribers= 2,918,138


Shannon is beauty guru on Youtube from New Zealand. Shannon lives with her two dogs (so cute!) and her longtime boyfriend, Hamish. Shannon often puts make-up tutorials, Q and A’s, clothing hauls, Po Box hauls, First impressions, and Lipstick swatches. Shannon has her own make-up brush collection with her brand Xobeauty, and also sells false lashes and jewellery on the site. Shannon also has a second vlogging channel called shaanxovlogs and did daily vlog for nearly a year. Definitely check out her channel!


Hope you liked this!

Who are some of your favourite youtubers?

*Pictures are not mine

Love B x


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