Colourpop Haul!

Hello Everybody,


Today I thought I would share with you some recent things I got from Colourpop! Colourpop is an incredible American Make-up brand, and has extremely good prices for their products. Their products are amazing quality!

Let’s go…

I love that Colourpop have these in every order, and their always different!!



Lippie Pencils

I had never tried the Lippie Pencils from Colourpop until this order, and I am blown away by them. They are extremely creamy, opaque, and long lasting. The colours don’t look that similar to the outside packaging which I’m a bit upset about, but, the products are amazing- would highly recommend purchasing these!

Cost= $5 each

What I purchased:

  • Aquarius
  • Lumiere
  • Oh Snap


Ultra Satin Lips


Ultra Satin Lip in Aquarius, Lippie Pencils in Oh Snap/Lumiere/Aquarius.

As with the Lippie Pencils, I hadn’t tried this formula from Colourpop before this purchase. This formula is very hydrating, smooth to apply, and opaque from just one swipe. The colour you see on the actual product, is quite different to the colour that actually comes out- which I find happens a lot with Colourpop, which is disappointing. But, the product is still good! I do find that they transfer, but maybe with a bit of powder over the top they’ll stay in place!

Cost= $6 each

What I purchased:

  • Aquarius (Kathleen Lights Collection)




This is the shade “Milli” which was given away for free for reaching one million followers on Facebook. It is a stunning shade! The shade is like a metallic copper, and is beyond beautiful! The pressed shadow formula is new to Colourpop this year, and the colours in the collection are incredible. I haven’t actually watched this shade, but, from what i’ve seen online, its great! Looking forward to using this.

Cost: $5 (Free if spent over $10)



This shade is a beautiful transition colour in the shade “Cornelius“. It is a light brown matte shade, and is a perfect colour for any make-up collection! It swatch beautifully, and is from the Kathleen Lights collection with Colourpop! Highly recommend this shade!

Eyeshadows are my favourite thing that Colourpop actually sells, they are so highly pigmented, and blend beautifully, definitely recommend trying them first if your new to Colourpop!

Cost= $5

What I purchased:

  • Milli (pressed powder)
  • Cornelius


That is the end of this little Haul!

Have you bought from Colurpop recently?

Whats your favourite shade from Colourpop?

Love B x


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