Coconut Flour Week!

Hello Everybody,


Welcome to Coconut Flour Week!


I thought I would try something a little different on this blog this week and go for a themed week. In this post I’ll tell you all about coconut flour, including the benefits of using it. I hope you like this!

Okay, so coconut flour is quite a new phenomenon in the area of healthy eating. I first heard about it two year ago, but, when I looked up recipes and how to use it, there was nothing online about it. Now, it seems like everyone uses this stuff; there are thousands of recipes out there for this flour.

This flour is wildly known for being the healthiest flour for you. Coconut flour is non allergenic, light texture, high protein, high in fibre, nourishing fats, it’s gluten free, heat stable, tastes good, and doesn’t contain enzyme inhibitors (which stress your digestive system)!

When you bake with this, you actually use less flour than you would any other flour. It has a different texture to other flours i’ve used, which can be a little weird in the beginning, but, you get used to it. It’s very light and fluffy with a sort of gritty(ish) texture.

I hope you like the recipes i’ll be uploading this week, let me know any coconut flour recipes you like!

Love B x


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