Oliver Bonas Haul!

Hello Everybody,


I thought I would share with all of you some of the beautiful things I got from Oliver Bonas recently. Oliver Bonas is a beautiful store in the UK and has a mixture of products from clothing to furniture. The items they have are extremely good quality, with a lot of their merchandise at a very good price.

Oliver Bonas is a great store to get gifts or to get something to treat yourself. They have a vast inventory for people of any age and gender. I highly recommend going into a store, or popping online and seeing if anything take your fancy (they ship worldwide).


Okay, so what did I get?


1. Clip-on Lenses Set 

Price: £12
Link: https://www.oliverbonas.com/gift/clip-lens-set




This is something I have been looking at for a while! It always runs out of stock just as i’m going to buy it, but, I went online a few weeks ago and it was their, so I bit the bullet and got it. I’m very glad I did.

This set comes with three attachable lenses for a phone/ipod, and a little carry bag to protect them. The three lenses are Wide angle, Macro, and Fisheye. They are very easy to clip on to a phone (I’ve tried Samsung and Apple and both worked great), but they aren’t really easy to carry around because they are so fragile. If your careful then their great, but I am scared to take them out because of how fragile they are! Overall, i’m pretty happy with this purchase!


2. Double Bar Silver Stud Earrings

Price: £18 (I bought them for £9)
Link: https://www.oliverbonas.com/jewellery/double-bar-silver-stud-earrings-44055


The Jewellery available on Oliver Bonas is beautiful, a very good price, and vast. I was shocked at the price of these earrings when I first saw them- £9! I think that is a great price for some everyday silver studs that have a little design on them. Jewellery such as this available at Oliver Bonas is great for any age! Everyone likes a silver stud just to throw in everyday. They came beautifully packaged as you can see above! Sorry I couldn’t get a close up photo of these!


3. Square & Line Chain Silver Bracelet

Price: £19.50 (I paid £12)
Link: https://www.oliverbonas.com/jewellery/tiny-interlinking-circle-rod-silver-bracelet-46756 (Not the exact same)


This bracelet is stunning! The link I have above isn’t exactly the same as they don’t have this on their site anymore, but it is similar! They have a lot of silver bracelets available, but with little differences in the design, so hopefully their is something for everyone!

The bracelet is so delicate and beautiful. I like how it has four different options of where to tie up the bracelet, so it can fit everyone. It’s a really nice bracelet to stack with other fine ones, and is exceptional quality. Would highly recommend!


4. Copper Geo Circle Photo Holder

Price: £4
Link: https://www.oliverbonas.com/homeware/copper-geo-circle-photo-holder-42992#selection=color:Copper__286



The first time I went into Oliver Bonas was when I became obsessed with their photo frames/photo holders. They have a massive selection of these, and I thought this would be great to put a little photo in. It’s a very good price at £4, and is great quality. There is a soft fur like line of fabric at the bottom of the photo holder, so as not to harm any piece of furniture you put this on, which is perfect! The holder is weighty, which is great. Photo holders like this are great to add a bit of subtle colour to a room!


5. Kiah Crossbody Bag

Price: Currently on sale for £12, Down from £36! (I paid £18)
Link: https://www.oliverbonas.com/accessories/kiah-crossbody-bag-45559




This was a bit of a hesitant buy for me. All of my handbags are either black or brown. I’ve never had a colour handbag, but, I saw this and thought it was beautiful and different and thought, why not?

The bit I was most hesitant about was the pink lining inside, but, it goes with the bag really well. It has a lot of space in the bag without being bulky, and has an inside zip which is always handy, as well as an extra little pocket at the front of the bag with a button do up. I’m so happy I bought this! It’s the perfect handbag to put a bit of colour into an outfit!


That’s everything I got, I hope you liked this!

Do you like Oliver Bonas?

Anything you’ve bought from their recently?

Love B x



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