BHCosmetics Shaaanxo palette review!

Hello everybody,


I was lucky enough to receive Shaaanxo’s bhcosmetics collaboration palette for christmas this year.

The palette retails on the bhcosmetics website for $22.00 (USD), but is currently on sale for $14.50 (USD). bhcosmetics ship worldwide, and have sales constantly where you can pick up lipsticks for as cheap as $2.50 each!

The Palette: Shaaanxo collaborated with bhcosmetics and created a palette with 9 eyeshadows, and 9 lipsticks. The palette is two sided; one side with eyeshadows, the other lipsticks.

The palette is thin, and easy to travel with. It has a magnetic closure for both sides, and each side has a big mirror, perfect!

Eyeshadow side




As you can see, the colours in this palette are beautiful. These colours suit all skin tones which is great, and the top middle shade can also be used as highlighter, so dual purpose!

The swatches weren’t as good as i thought they would be, which is slightly disappointing. The mustard shade really didn’t swatch well, but I still hold out hope for it!




The colours in this palette are quite pink based, but, you can mix them! I do like all of these colours, but don’t think I’m brave enough to wear the bright pink on the right in the middle row, but, mixing it with a different colour is the perfect solution to still use all of the colours!

I am very impressed by the colour pay off of these lipsticks, especially the red in the middle at the bottom. The staying power isn’t bad, but it isn’t the best either. They are quite glossy, so you can’t expect them to stay on as long as a matte would!

I think these colours will suit a lot of different skin tones!


Over all, for the price, this palette is extremely good value. It’s great for beginners who want to grow their collection, or just buy one palette for a number of different looks. It’s also great for more experienced make-up enthusiasts to expand on their collection.

For the price, you can’t really go wrong!

Have you tried any BHCosmetics products before?

Do you have this palette?

I hope you all like this,

Love B x


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