Colourpop Haul and review!

Hello Everybody,

This Christmas I was lucky enough to be gifted some Colourpop goodies, so thought I would share with all of you what I got!




I didn’t own anything from Colourpop before these gifts, so I was really excited when I opened the wrapping paper and their was a colour pop box in-front of me. I’ve heard a lot of good things about colour pop but I am extremely impressed now that i’ve tried the products for myself.

Colourpop is one of my favourite brands for a number of reasons. Colourpop is extremely well priced, have a huge variety of colours and types of lipsticks and eyeshadows (matte, metallic, satin etc), and, show swatches of their products on three different skin tones on their website!

Each box that is sent out comes with a little card, which is amazing! Incredible customer service. They don’t have to send out amazing cards like this, but they do- definitely makes them stand out to me.




So, let’s go…..

Lippie Stix



I was lucky enough to get 3 Lippie Stix!

I’ve seen swatches online from a lot of youtubers and they all say amazing and how pigmented they are, but oh my god! These are incredible.

They are smooth, extremely pigmented, and smell like vanilla (my favourite scent). The staying power is incredible. They do feel a tiny bit drying, but nothing that bothers me enough to stop wearing them.


This Lippie is from the Kathleen Lights collaboration with Colourpop. It is listed as a dusky mauve pink, but, to me, comes out a lot darker! As you an see from the swatches below, its more of a pink/red/berry tone. Although I’m a bit upset because the colour doesn’t look like the one shown online, it’s still a beautiful shade.


This Lippie is listed as a muted pinky nude. As you can see from the picture below, it’s an orange/brown on me. So, as the same with Lumière, the colour doesn’t seem the same to me as listed on the website, but, I still like it none the less. I’m a bit upset that it isn’t how it was shown on the site, as the colour there is wonderful, but I guess i’ll just have to make another order!

3. Primer

I get extremely dry lips so thought it was a good idea to order a Lippie Stix Primer to go with my Lippie Stix. The primer is very smooth and helps to cover in the fine lines on your lips so that your lip products look better on!






I wa gifted with 4 eyeshadows! I have a mixture of matte, satin, and metallic shades to make the perfect overall look.

When I first swatched these I was blown away. They are extremely creamy and pigmented, and cost only $5 each (USD). Such an incredible prices for an amazing product.

They come in individual little boxes, packaged extremely well, and have a clear top which is great for seeing the actual colour when in your make-up storage.

1. Brady

This was listed as a soft matte dusty rose. The colour, for me, is the perfect transition shade. It’s a beautiful matte shade, but, again, I don’t know if I would call this shade a dusty rose. To me, it’s more of a brown/rose colour. Beautiful pigmentation and shade none the less. Very impressed with this.



2. Wattles

Wattles is one of my favourite items that I received form Colourpop. It is described as a dusty satin beige pink, and it is! It’s got a beautiful satin finish, and loos perfect in the middle of the eyelid to make your eyes pop! Beautiful colour, would definitely recommend.


3. Paradox

Paradox is my favourite colour eyeshadow i think i have ever had. It’s stunning! On the COlourpop website it’s described as a warm satin burgundy red. This doesn’t do it justice. It looks perfect as a blended shade in your crease, but also as the main colour in the middle to outer edge of your eyelid. Perfect for Autumn and winter months too!


4. Tassel 

Tassel is a bright perfect highlight shade. On the Colourpop website it’s described as a bright true white with silver glitter, that can highlight anything! They mean it. This is seriously reflective. Its a beautiful shade, perfect for highlighting the inner corners, or brow bone, and is extremely pigmented. Although you can use this as a highlight, it’s also beautiful on the eyelid, in the inner half. Definitely one for the collection!




Thank you for looking at my post!

I hope you liked it!

Have you tried Colourpop before?

What are your go to shades?

Love B x


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