Gifts for Anyone!

Hello Everybody,

Today I thought I would share some ideas for some gifts for anyone in your family that are also good for the budget. Christmas can be the best time of the year, but can also be stressful and very expensive, so i’ve just thought of some sweet and thoughtful Christmas gifts that won’t break the bank!

Let’s go…

1. Vege/Fruit plants


I have personally given my parents, and other relatives plants for its plenty of times. My friend moved into her own house and abolsturely loves leaches, so for Christmas I bought her a peach tree and she loves it! Growing your own fruit/vege trees is a great way to save some money on your groceries and to help the environment. This would also be perfect for grandparents, or anyone you know who loves gardening! Trees can also be really cheap to buy, so it’s a double win for you!

2. Socks


It sounds stupid I know, but, as we get older we realise that socks for a gift is actually quite a good thing. I can’t tell you the amount of times that i’ve been so happy to have some new socks for Christmas. You can always get someone some Christmas socks if you want to make it more festive. Socks come at all different price points so this can also be a budget friendly gift 🙂

3. Bath/Shower products

Screen Captures9

No, this doesn’t mean just lush products, but go wild with them if that’s your friends/families thing! My mum loves a certain type of shower gel, and it lasts her quite a while, so, every year we get her it for Christmas. It isn’t really expensive but she really likes it, and everyone will always need a shower gel, or bath product of some sort no matter if male.female, or age of the person. The body shop do beautiful ones that also come in limited edition Christmas scents, or K-Mart, Boots, Superdrug, or supermarkets also have really nice products too 🙂

4. Photo’s


A few times I have received, as well as gifted, photo frames with nice family/friend photos in. I think this is such a wonderful gift, that you can give to ANYONE! Doesn’t matter the age, everyone loves a really lovely photo in a nice frame. This is easy to get on a really good budget too. I’ve bought a few poster size frames, and made collages before for my parents, so there’s a few different things you can do with this idea 🙂 Oliver Bonas do beautiful photo frames that look perfect with polaroids in if that’s the sort of style you like!

I hope you liked this!

What are some things you have for your family/friends for Christmas?

Love B x


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