Mini Lush Haul!

Hello Everybody,

I recently went to Lush and treated myself to a few bath bombs and thought I would share them with you now! I only bought my first product form lush last year, and I was very impressed. I have very sensitive skin, so finding a place that has natural products was brilliant! I find that having a bath bomb is a little way to make yourself relax more, and make you take that time out to take your bath in order to use the colourful bath bomb.

I’ve tried Lush’s Lip scrubs, Bath bombs, and a cleanser. All of these have been very beneficial to my skin, and I find are a nice little treat which isn’t to expensive every now and then.

The products…

1. Butter Bear

Butter Bear is filled with fragrant cocoa powder and ylang ylang.  I have very dry and sensitive skin, and this bath bomb is brilliant for me. It is simple, as far as Lush bath bombs go, but, it is very beneficial if you have dry skin, or would just like a moisturising simple product from Lush. As you can see in the picture, you can see the cocoa butter pieces all throughout this cute bath bomb!


2. Sakura

Sakura is inspired by the Cherry Blossom trees of Japan. It is such a beautiful bath bomb. It has an array of scents from jasmine and mimosa, to lemon and orange. The colours at the top of this bath bomb are stunning; a mix of pink, blue, and purpleI can’t wait to try this perfect spring time bath bomb!


3. Yog Nog

Yog Nog is the perfect Christmas Bath Bomb, it smells incredible! It has a caramel/toffee scent and fills your whole bathroom with a really warm comforting christmas scent. It is ultra moisturising, and the water turns a yellow/green colour. Highly recommend even for the smell alone!

LUSH Yog Nog Bath Bomb Chirstmas Holiday 2015

4. Honey Bee

Honey Bee was a bath bomb that i’ve been wanting to try for a long time. I’ve seen a lot of different people talking about how incredible honey is for our skin, so thought this bath bomb would be perfect. It’s a beautiful yellow and brown colour, and smells very warm/fresh to me. According to Lush, this bath bomb will soothe and cleanse the skin thanks to the honey, aloe vera, and rhassoul mud. It’s supposed to retain moisture in your skin and is antiseptic. After reading this I had to buy it. Can’t wait to try this gem out.




Have you been to Lush recently?

Have you tried any of these Bath Bombs before?

Let me know if you liked this!

Love  B x


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