The Sky.

Hello Everybody,


I don’t know what it is about the sky, but looking at it brings me a sense of calm like no other. Whether it’s a bright sunny day with no cloud in the sky, or a torrential storm, I love it. Taking photos of the ever changing sky is something I love to do. I know it may seem weird, and not a normal thing to want to photograph, but isn’t it magical that the sky can pretty much be every shade of the rainbow? In 10 minutes it can go from Bright blue, to grey and raining. In 10 minutes it can go from pitch black, to a perfect shade of orange and red as the sun rises.

The sky is a beautiful thing I think we all take for granted. The sky lets the earth grow, the sky reminds us that every morning we have a new chance with the new sunrise, and with each sunset it tells us that we can try again tomorrow.

So, today, I ask you to go out and watch the sunrise, or the sunset, and see the beauty in this beautiful phenomenon, because it never looks the same twice.










Love B x


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