My Top Christmas Films!

Hello Everybody,

Today is a miserable rainy day; the perfect winters day to me! I love watching films all snuggled up on the couch when it’s freezing and raining outside; gets me in the Christmas spirit.

I have a handful of films that I watch every year at Christmas time, and it doesn’t feel like Christmas until i’ve watched them. I think Christmas is a time of tradition for a lot of people and their families, and for me, the films are a massive part of that.


These are my favourite Christmas films….

  1. Arthur Christmas
    This is quite a new one for me. I found out about it this film on Netflix, and this is now one of my favourite Christmas films of all time. I can watch this film over and over, and not get tired of it. It’s such a beautiful story about a family a boy named Arthur Christmas who really loves presents and wants everyone to be happy. I think if children watch this, then they’ll believe¬†in Father Christmas for a really long time, which would be amazing! I unfortunately don’t have the DVD but it is available on Netflix.


  2. The Polar Express
    One of my favourite, if not my favourite Christmas film of all time. It’s funny, sad, a tear jerker, but just amazing at the same time. Tom Hanks is incredible in it, and I highly recommend this to anyone who thinks Christmas is all about family, and believing.


  3. Love Actually
    The Classic Christmas film. This film is actually incredibly sad in parts, but is also all about love at Christmas and spreading it in all different ways. We see multiple different story lines, with a lot of them overlapping, and seeing how different Christmas can be for everyone depending on their circumstances. Brilliant cast.


  4. Home Alone 1 & 2
    Can’t have a Christmas film ist without the classic Home Alone films! I hadn’t watched these in quite a long time, until a couple of days ago. I forgot just how good they are! These films were made in the 1990’s are are still so relevant to today. What I love about Christmas films is that the really good ones never age, and I think these never do!


  5. The Grinch
    I grew up watching this film, and loving every second. Jim Carrey is brilliant in this role. It’s really nice to see how somebody can change from sad/grumpy to loving and caring. Such a beautiful story!


  6. Frozen
    Frozen was a worldwide phenomenon when it came out, for both adults and children. I personally love this film. The actors are incredible singers, and the storyline is perfect. It was nice for a girl to not need a man to save her for once- she just needed her sister. I think it’s such a powerful story, and so good at showing the love between sisters.


What are your favourite Christmas films?

Hope you all liked this!

Love B x


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