Christmas Chalkboard!

Hello Everybody!

For the last two years at Christmas, my family and I have have displayed a Christmas chalkboard! We get design ideas form all over he internet, but mostly pinterest, and we draw different thing each year and have a countdown to Christmas on the board!

We painted the board with chalkboard paint ourselves. This is really easy, and quite cheap, craft project you could do with your family too!

We got a piece of MDF wood from our local hardware store to start (something like B&Q in England would have this). You can get tonnes of different sizes, so pick whichever one works for you 🙂

We then picked up some chalkboard paint. You only really need a test pot size, so its quite cheap. You have to do a few layers of this paint. Leave each layer of paint to dry completely before you start the second layer. Once its all done, start to decorate! As you might be able to see from the pictures, I’m not the best artist, but it’s just a bit of fun isn’t it?!

If you want your chalkboard to look more professional, i would recommend buying chalkboard pens, instead of just normal chalk. I have normal chalk, so some of the pictures aren’t the neatest, but if you have a pen they will look a lot more professional! As mentioned above, most of the inspiration for our chalkboard has come from Pinterest. If you look up Christmas chalkboard there are a lot of different ideas!

Our chalkboard is a bit messy, as you’ll see below. Chalk just doesn’t seem to come of it properly and smudges, so I think next year, we’ll invest in some chalk pens!

I put this up just as a little bit of inspiration for another decorating idea for you and your family at Christmas!



Christmas lights are actually really easy to do, and can look quite cute and festive along the top of your board 🙂






I love the look of this road sign covered in Snow! Such a festive look for the board


As you can see, we have a bit of a gap in the bottom right of our chalkboard, because we aren’t quite sure what to fill the gap with yet. We were thinking either a snowman, or some Christmas trees!

I hope you liked this little post!

Do you have a chalkboard for christmas?

Love B x


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