Mini Homeware Haul!

Hello Everyone,

I thought i’d show you a couple of things I have around my house that I love, and that maybe you might like too. I prefer shopping for homewares, whether it’s a picture or a new pot for the kitchen, over clothes shopping.

What do you like decorating your house with?

Let’s get started……


“Cloud Quote”
I was bought this “cloud quote” by two of my cousins as a gift, and I absolutely love it! It’s from Next, which do some of the best homewares you can buy at extremely good prices (but good quality) and I think it’s the perfect gift for someone. You can hang it anywhere in your house! Having inspirational quotes around the home is excellent 🙂


“Birdcage Tealight Candel Holder”
I bought this tea light candle holder from Matalan nearly 5 years ago. You can see from the top image that the tea light goes in the little birds cage. I thought it was quite a unique candle holder, one I had personally never seen before, and it is perfect for a bedroom or dining room for something a little bit special!
The bottom image shows you what the candle holder looks like in full. I bought one of these for my best friend as a gift too. Very autumnal with the leaves and butterflies surrounding the holder!




“Pumpkin Cream Circle Candle”
As you might be able to tell, I love candles. I love that you can change your candles to match the current season; for example, pumpkin cream for october/halloween/autumn, and cinnamon for the winter months! The first candle, is a pumpkin cream circle shape. This smell reminds me more of christmas than halloween simply because its so sweet!




“H&M Storage Holders”
I found a set of two storage holders in H&M a few years ago, and loved the concept. They are made of a canvas material, and can be folded down to create a different look, as well as a different purpose for shorter things! I keep sewing equipment in one, and bits and bobs in the other (such as spare hair ties, USBs, and pens and pencils!) They still have them in from time to time in their stores, but change the patterns. I highly recommend them!



“Hope Anchors The Soul”
As mentioned above, I love quotes around the house. If you suddenly don’t feel great, or somethings got you down, it’s nice to look up and see a nice inspiring quote. This framed quote was bought for me as a birthday gift by my parents. It’s from a little market (You can get some of the best housing bits in local markets) and I think it’s an amazing gift to receive.



“Trade Aid Woven Baskets”
I bought these woven baskets from a shop called Trade Aid (if you haven’t heard of it, look it up, there amazing!), these baskets collapse into each other which is great for storage! The baskets themselves are actually made from newspaper/magazines as a way to recycle. I had them while I was studying at University and they were great little storage holders in a dorm room. I used to put nail polish in one, my keys in another, and jewellery in the last one. Having little storage baskets around the house is something I love!



Hope you enjoyed this, let me know what you like around your house!

Love B x



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