A day in Arundel!

Hello Everyone,

I recently went to Arundel with my brother for the day.We used to go here all the time as children, and it is still as picturesque and perfect to me now, as it was then.

The area is stunning. There are fields surrounding Arundel, and you cannot beat it on a beautiful summers day, as we were lucky enough to witness!

The main reason people tend to go to Arundel, is for the castle, But, there are plenty of other things to do in and around Arundel;

  • Mini golf
    We loved the mini golf, as it’s what we used to go to Arundel for when we were little. Still perfect for any age
  • The beautiful antique shops all around the Town
  • The lake where you can rent out little row boats for 30minutes to 1 hour and relax with friends/family
  • Countryside walks!
    Tonnes of them. We walked for about 5 minutes past the lake, and we were in the countryside.
  • Little cafes, perfect for a cuppa
  • Pubs
  • No chain stores, all independent and perfect!

Arundel is the perfect place for a relaxing, but beautiful day out! Below I’ve put some pictures 🙂

15134198_10211620850583639_1995368824_oThe walks all around Arundel are beautiful!
The Countryside!



15133919_10211620851023650_1622394941_oThere are beautiful little shops in the town centre. This image is from a great bookshop which is about 4 stories high, and very narrow. One of my favourite places.



14976019_10211620938305832_739527049_oLovely little independent cafes, with so much history.



15152363_10211620842703442_941570876_oWe saw this outside one of the Antiques shops, and our Harry Potter loved little hearts couldn’t help but get excited!



The main attraction of Arundel; Arundel Castle!



The cobbled streets around Town, with beautiful bunting!


Hope you all enjoyed this, let me know if you have ever been to Arundel!

Love B x


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