Colouring Books for Adults!


When I first heard about this idea, I couldn’t help but be intrigued. In every book shop there were signs up for adult colouring books and then I saw why! These are works of art. The images that you colour in, in these books, are absolutely incredible.

Colouring books are an incredible way to relax. They may seem intimidating when you see the images inside, and the tiny pens you colour them in with, but, after a couple of minutes you realise you are completely focused on the picture, and not preoccupied by anything else going on in your life, or around you!

I’ve seen a few blogs online, and articles, saying how these colouring books can help with anxiety and I 100% agree. If you are an anxious person, I highly recommend investing in one of these books to try and help relax you. They seriously help!

Now….to the books…..

I was gifted both of these adult colouring books for Christmas last year, and have fallen in love with them!

  1. Secret Garden by Johanna Basford (An Inky Treasure Hunt and Colouring Book)
    I Love this book!
    It’s incredible how relaxing it is to just sit and colour in, even as an adult! The pages feel very luxurious, and the pens that i’ll show below do not go through the paper! The images in this book are incredible.

    The pages are a little bit yellow in this book, and I love it. At first i thought it would be better if they were pure white, but I think the off white colour makes it a bit less intimidating!
    There is a glossary at the bak of the book that shows you all of the images in the book for you to colour. There are now plenty of options for different colouring books from Johanna Basford, and also some colour in postcards!

  2. Tropical Wonderland by Millie Marotta (A colouring book adventure!)
    This book is stunning.
    I love that the front cover shows you how you could colour in the book (the gold is also embossed! love it).
    As you can tell by the name, this is all about the Tropics! Plants, and animals galore in this book. It’s a brilliant book for animal lovers, or plant lovers.
    The back few pages are left blank for you to fill in with your own drawings if you like! I thought that was such an amazing idea. I personally can’t draw, so will not be using that space, but for people who are artists themselves, I think it’s perfect.
    This book does have pure white pages, unlike The Secret Garden book. At first I was a bit unsure about this, as I love the off white book so much, but, I think because of the style of this book (plants and animals) it works! You add so much colour to animals (especially the birds and butterfly’s) that it helps the colours to really stand out.

    When I first saw the colouring books for adults, I thought, how are you supposed to use colouring pencils to colour these works of art ?! Then i was told about the fine liners you need! There are a vast range of these pens that are available at all different price points, and all different colours. The cheapest, and also very good quality pens i found were by Staedtler;  triplus fineliner 0.3mm pens! These come in all different colours so you can really change how your images look.
    First, i have the 10 brilliant colour pack. This is all of the basic colours, as you can see from the image.
    Secondly, Is the Nature colours. This is deep and autumnal tones, such as deep green, orange, brown etc.
    Lastly is the pastel colours. These are incredible colours! turquoise, pink, and lime green! Amazing for the flowers and plants in both of the books.
    There are many many other colours available, but I find these great.

Let me know if you have a colouring book, and enjoy it!

Love B x


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