Earthquake/Survival Kit!

Hello Everybody,

There were recently some extremely bad earthquakes in New Zealand; based in Kaikoura in the south island, that damaged some cities in the north island too (7.8 on the scale!). When we were at school, I was taught to carry a survival pack in case of an emergency. Something that could help me a lot, no matter how small it may be, if I ever found myself in a natural disaster.

Today I thought I would show you whats in my survival pack, and what you could possibly have in yours too. It’s a great idea to have one with you at all times, whether it’s in your bag, at your work desk, or in your car.

Lets go….

This is my survival pack!


It may not look like much, but, in an emergency this could save my life. My mum made it for me when I first went to University as a precaution (Earthquakes are common in my university town). I took this with me in my University backpack everyday; it helps relax you a little when you feel an earthquake as you know that you have your survival pack with you!

What is in my survival kit?

  • A bag to keep your survival stuff in! 
    I would recommend trying to find one that is somewhat waterproof. You don’t know when you’ll need to use it; you could be submerged in water so having a survival kit thats waterproof could really help you. My bag has double zips, with a clear plastic on one side so you can see what is in the bag really clearly (It is by the brand Victoria Green which is available on Feelunique). I think having a clear sided bag, such as this one, could be handy if you need to pick something up quickly!


  • Barley sugars
    These are great little sweets that are just pure sugar to be honest. If your really hungry, or you start to feel faint because you haven’t eaten, these are a great little thing to have with you. Again, check the use by date regularly.
  • Bandage
    You don’t know what situation you may be in, and having a bandage could help you or someone else if they’ve been hurt
  • A Torch 
    Seriously important. What if it happened in the middle the night and all the power was cut of? You need a torch. I recommend buying a torch which has a wind up property; if your batteries run out, you can wind the torch up and that can keep it lit for hours. Very handy!


  • Whistle
    We’ve all seen Titanic, we know how this could save us.
    This could help you if you were ever stuck somewhere and people couldn’t see you or find you.


  • Emergency blanket
    These are actually really small and easy to carry around! If your stuck in the freezing cold or rain this could save you.


  • Paracetamol/Ibuprofen
    These always come in handy!
  • Plasters! 
    Can never go wrong with having a few plasters with you!
  • Some medical tape!
    Holds your bandage in place, and could tape up other wounds if you’ve run out of plasters/bandages
  • Tissues
    Always comes in handy
  • Glow Stick!
    This may seem like a weird one, but trust me, there amazing! From specialist camping/hiking stores you can get emergency use Glow Sticks that last up to 12 hours in a single use! These do have an expiry date so check it regularly if you get one in your pack



Other things you could have in your survival kit! 

  • Radio
  • Change of clothes
  • Nappies/diapers if you have children
  • Spare food
  • A spare pack of any medications you may need a daily basis (make sure to check the use by date regularly)


Hope you liked this. Let me know if you have a survival kit and what you have in it!


Love B x


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