Anxiety Wellness

Hello Everyone,

I decided today to post some tips and tricks I have found to be very useful in relation to helping ease anxiety feelings.I have had anxiety since I can remember, and have found certain things to be really useful in making myself feel better when very anxious.

Let me know what helps you feel better!

Love B x

Music music music!
Nothing helps me feel better than putting in headphones and zoning out. I often make different playlists on Spotify depending on  my mood, and that helps take away the anxiety of what I want to listen to at the time too!

Arts and Crafts
I love sewing, cross stitch and colouring in my adult colouring book. I think these different crafts really help me to focus all my energy onto one thing at the time, rather than all on my anxiety. I find colouring so relaxing. It’s a great thing to do if you feel anxious. You put all of your focus on that, all of your focus on something else, and suddenly you realise you don’t feel anxious anymore, or feel anything apart from fully relaxed. Definitely my favourite way to relax!!


Get in the kitchen…
Cooking/Baking. This might not be for everyone, but, creating something, and then being able to eat it, is what dreams are made of. I love cooking, so this works for me really well. Even if you don’t like cooking, maybe give this a go and see if it helps!

Bath time!
Those bubbles….Putting on some music, a few candles, maybe a bath bomb, and just relaxing. I feel like being in water, soaking in it and seeing all the beautiful colours from a bath bomb can instantly help you to feel safe and relaxed perfection. Calming sense straight away!

**This is the “Intergalactic” bath bomb by Lush

Going for a walk, or going to yoga helps to clear my mind in the fastest way. Having fresh air blowing in your face while walking along the countryside  is the best cure for my anxiety, and to help me feel better generally, too!


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