Top 5 Nail Polishes!

Hello Everyone,

I started buying nail polish about 5 years ago, and since then, I have acquired quite a collection. I love how you can change your whole look just by painting your nails; whether it’s a dark nude, or a bright red, it helps you to look completely different.

It can also be quite relaxing and therapeutic to paint your nails! How do you relax?

What are some of your favourite colours?



The majority of my nail polishes are by OPI but I also love Essie!

Lets go….

1. “I’m not really a waitress”
This has been my favourite since day 1; OPI “I’m not really a waitress”.
This colour is such a gorgeous, deep, sexy red. It’s the perfect red nail polish, especially for going out!

2. “Thanks a Windmillion”

This is my favourite colour for summer. Pastel colours are perfect for summer, and this one doesn’t disappoint. “Thanks a Windmillion” Such a beautiful sea foam green.

3. “My pointe exactly”

My perfect every day colour is “My pointe exactly” from the New York collection for OPI. I love greys and nude colour for a classic everyday look.

4. “Casino Royale”

For winter I love deep berry tones, and dark browns; this colour, “Casino Royale” is from the James Bond collection and is one of my top colours for winter! Pair this with a berry lipstick for the ultimate winter look!

5. “GoldenEye”

My final polish is what is great for celebrations, whether its christmas, a birthday, or fireworks night; “GoldenEye” also from the James Bond Collection. I found it quite difficult to find a proper gold nail polish for a long time, but this was worth the wait! (Tip: This is a miniature nail polish. Buying miniatures is a great way to try out a few different colours for a cheaper price. It’s also good so that you don’t waste your money, as going through a whole nail polish before it goes bad is quite unlikely!).

Let me know what your favourite nail polish is!

Love B x


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