How to feel better, quickly!

Hello Everyone,

I know the last 24 hours have been tough on a lot of people, so I thought this post would be perfect to try and help people, even just a little.

I hope everyone continues to stick together, and create a beautiful world where EVERYONE is accepted.

Remember, Hope is the only emotion stronger than fear!

  1. Watch your favourite film!
    If you watch something you really love you’ll begin to forget about everything else, even just for a little while. Then watch the bloopers because you can’t help but laugh at your favourite actor/actress tripping over in a really important scene!
    This is one of my favourite bloopers of all time, can’t beat friends on a tough day 🙂
  2. Make Something! 
    Bake a cake, draw something, write down all your feeling just to get it out. Create from the sadness.
  3. Listen to music
    Make yourself a playlist on spotify, or just listen to your favourite cd and zone out. Or dance!
  4. Change your environment
    Getting out of the house and into nature can help you to see things in a different perspective, and can help you to clear your mind. Get those endorphins going!
  5. Eat your favourite food!
    Whether it’s a take away, a smoothie, or an apple. Treat yourself to your favourite things!
  6. Talk to your friends/family!
    nothing makes me feel better like getting to talk to someone I love!

Hope everyone feels better,

Love B x


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