Wellness Wednesday!


Some weeks/days, you have to stop, and relax.

No Facebook. No twitter. No Instagram. No technology.

It’s amazing how much better you can feel when it’s just you and a book, or just you. Taking a breather from technology is the best way to rejuvenate. Best way to think things through, rationally.

Whether it’s for a week, a weekend, a day, an hour, or 20 minutes. It’s good for the soul. So, here are some tips to help you to have the best week!

  1. Step away from the negative people.
    Stalking that old friend/boyfriend/girlfriend on social media will NOT help you feel better. Nope. Not at all. Don’t do it to yourself. Unfollow/delete them and start to try and focus on the positive people in your life instead of the negative.
  2. Take a bath!
    Maybe go to lush and get yourself a lovely bath bomb (they have a great collection for everyone!) and light all of your candles and let yourself relax. It’s so good to sit in the bath, with no phone, or t.v., and just let yourself rejuvenate while focusing on the beautiful colours in your bath.
  3. Give yourself some time
    Friends or family pressuring you to go out on Friday night? Say no. Have that night to yourself. Let yourself do nothing but stay in bed, ordering a takeaway and binging on Netflix. Don’t feel bad for allowing yourself some time to be alone.
  4. Make a to do list
    With no time limit on it! Just write down everything you would like to do, and if you do it all by tomorrow, great, if you do it all within the next month, great! You will feel so good about yourself when everything on that list is crossed of, no matter how long it takes!
  5. Read a book
    The one you’ve been putting of for months because you’ve been so busy? Now is your time to start it! Even just the first chapter 🙂

I hope you all liked this. Let me know how you relax!

Love B x


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