“The Girl on the Train”.

Hello Everyone,

I recently jumped on the bandwagon and decided to read “The Girl on the Train”, by Paula Hawkins, before the film came out. I had read reviews and everyone seemed to really enjoy it, so I thought, why not?

(This post may contain spoilers).

For those who don’t know, The Girl on the Train is about a lady called Rachel, who lives in London at her friends house after going through a bitter divorce, with her ex Tom. She see’s a couple on the train everyday on her commute to London (she lives on the outskirts and commutes in everyday) and starts to imagine their story, and what they are like. The couple lives on the same road that Rachel used to live on with her ex husband (Tom); who still lives on that road with his new partner (Anna). The lady she see’s from the train, who she called “Jess” (real name Megan) suddenly goes missing, and everyone points the finger at her husband (Scott). But, Rachel saw something from the train that she believes could help the police with their search for Megan, and somehow becomes involved in the case, and is questioned herself.

It’s an incredibly written book. The format is one that I have never seen used before, and I loved the style of it. It’s written almost like a diary. The book starts with Rachel; we are told the date, day, and whether it is the morning, afternoon, or night. Rachel speaks to us, as if she is speaking to herself; it is a great way to explain a story.

I was so looking forward to the film after reading the book, and watching the trailer, but, I was thoroughly disappointed. In saying that, the cast were amazing.

The book is set in London, as explained above, but in the film it is set in New York. Why?! I don’t understand why the film makers would change such an important aspect of a book. Pivotal moments from the book were missed, including people, that seriously makes the audience question what happened to “Megan”, and who was responsible for it. I understand completely how a film can not possibly have all the details that a book can have, but missing major moments from the book seems a little odd to me.

If you haven’t read the book I really recommend it. If you have read the book and/or seen the film, let me know what you think!

Hope you enjoyed this post.

Love B x


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